Duyen /doo-win/ 
noun. multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Jacksonville, FL.

Duyen rhymes with doin' like "Whatcha doin' Duyen?".

I am a chemist turned graphic designer; an experimentalist who traded out test tubes for type and color. One might think they are opposite fields, but I’ve learned to incorporate both skill sets that prove to be advantageous in critical thinking and problem solving when it comes to design. I enjoy the process of design from research to concept development. I find beauty in the little details which is why I have a strong inclination towards Swiss design. One important aspect I incorporate into my design is authenticity and heritage. Because of my Vietnamese background, I understand the importance of representation and celebration of all cultures. 
My love for self-expression can be echoed in my interest and hobbies. I love sneakers, fashion, and a sucker for new tech. I enjoy hobbies that allow me to tinker and customize to my likings such as building mechanical keyboards or modding gaming mice. 
While I’m not designing you can find me catching Ls on SNKRS, gaming on my PC, or building mechanical keyboards.
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