catarina spice shop

tools: indesign / photoshop / illustrator

Catarina is an upscale spice shop with a focus on importing unique spices from all around the world to share with their foodie enthusiast customers. The brand was heavily influenced by the Portuguese spice trade who shared a similar mission in introducing staple spices to the new world. The brand was designed with the intention of drawing influence from naval ships and navigation prominent during the 15th century.
Trade ships were given names of women for good luck out on the seas. Catarina is a common Portuguese name that was chosen to name the logo (and bring the store good fortune) and represent the brand.
The colors are drawn from the bright colorful mound of spices seen in places like the Moroccan spice market. The packaging for the products are composed of recyclable or reusable materials. This was an important aspect as it reflects the natural and organic lifestyle of the consumers and to represent an environment conscious brand.


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